domestic environments

Domestic environments and themed sections

Visiting the MUS! is an opportunity to take a journey through time and the daily life of the past. Starting from long ago, the first rooms unveil the peasant origins of Livigno and Trepalle, and its "Old Economy". The route continues on the internal staircase, whose step risers present a selection of historical dates, and continues up to the "New Economy" section, characterized by the recent tourist boom and the duty free area.

Each area has been set up to go beyond the simple reconstruction of the original environments: in fact there are many references to the art of reusing and recycling, the chemical expertise of local cheesemakers, popular beliefs, local gastronomy and traditions that still survive today.

The themes of the sections of the museum are presented in an innovative and stimulating way, thanks to the names of the rooms that play with Italian, English and dialect, in-depth texts and the reproduction of historical or more recent films.

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