La rocca del filatoio a pedale, che avvolge il lungo lavoro delle filatrici.

An active museum

The MUS! involves local inhabitants in various activities related to the territory and its traditions.
During low season (in spring and autumn) experts hold meetings and workshops on a variety different topics ranging from traditional cuisine, crafts, local flora and fauna.
Other activities, proposed all year round, are the flagship events of the museum.

One example is wool processing: the entire cycle has been recreated and it is now possible to actively follow and collaborate in all its phases, from washing to carding through ancient carding machines, from spinning to weaving. In particular, the knitting and spinning workshops held at the museum always arouse great interest.

In addition, in summer, anyone with a little patience can watch the growth of white turnips sown in the museum's garden, just as they were in past times. In autumn, the smaller turnips, called pàsola, are collected in large bunches and hung in the attic to dry and then used to produce two excellences of the local gastronomy: lughénia da pàsola, tasty dry sausages, and pan da càrcent, a bread with a sweetish taste.

Volunteers collaborate enthusiastically in these activities, sharing their time and knowledge to make the museum worth seeing as well as a special meeting point for the community.

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