Accompanying you on your visit are Enrico Silvestri, his wife Domenica Bormolini and Lorina, a small ermine.

Depending on your curiosity and the time available, you can choose one of them as a guide or listen to all three.
Lorina, who is very fond of the children, is telling you about the house that houses the Mus!, Enrico is talking to you about the works of the past and his wife Domenica is describing the customs and traditions of daily life in the past.

Lorina introduction

Lorina 1

The house and its inhabitants

Lorina 2

Old economy

Lorina 3


Lorina 4


Lorina 5


Lorina 6

The room of chemistry

Lorina 7

Natural remedies

Lorina 8

Water and hygiene

Lorina 9

The stua and the magic room

Lorina 10

New economy

Lorina 11

The fashion room

Lorina 12


Lorina 13


Lorina 14

Conclusion by Lorina

Lorina 15

Introduction by Enrico


Introduction by Enrico 1

Enrico 1

Al pradéir

Enrico 2

Al capciòta and al feréir

Enrico 3

Al guardiabósc'ch

Enrico 4

Al legnaméir and al marangóṅ

Enrico 5

Al funádro

Enrico 6

Al bechéir

Enrico 7

Al paroléir

Enrico 8

Al dotor

Enrico 9

Al sciòbar

Enrico 10

Al posc'tíṅ

Enrico 11

Al bachetéir

Enrico 12

Al contrabandéir

Enrico 13

Al filagnéir

Enrico 14

La tesciádra

Enrico 15

Al presc'tinéir

Enrico 16

Al maesc'tro

Enrico 17

Introduction by Domenica

Domenica 1

At work!

Domenica 2

The famegl

Domenica 3


Domenica 4

Personal hygiene

Domenica 5

Be born

Domenica 6


Domenica 7

Leave the country

Domenica 8

Funeral rites

Domenica 9


Domenica 10

Avalanches and rescue

Domenica 11


Domenica 12

Serra: the price bride joke

Domenica 13

The lunch of wedding

Domenica 14

The conscription

Domenica 15